The Faculty of Medicine is situated in Toon, a beautiful suburban town 12 km southeast of downtown Matsuyama.

The school was established in 1973, under the direction of two distinguished doctors; Dr. Masami Suda, the first dean of the Medical School, and Dr. Chuji Kimura, the founder of the University Hospital. They tried to establish a good balance of education, research and clinical activity for medical students in an active, liberal atmosphere. Medical education which creates doctors with warm hearts, research activity at the frontier of contemporary scientific developments, and the highest quality medical care made freely available to the public; this ideal trinity has been realized in many respects.

Medical students from various parts of Japan are enjoying the study of the latest developments medical science. They are also given ample opportunity for clinical practice in the graduated from the school. Some of them are currently engaged in research institutions, while many others are practicing in hospitals throughout Japan.

The nine-story main laboratory building next to the hospital is situated on a vast campus (ca. 191,667 square meters). Various laboratories, central research facilities for animal experiments and for extra large equipment are also available.